Lithium WORX GT Trimmer/ Edger

I’ve never used a gas-powered edger or weed eater because I did not want to deal with gasoline. The only gasoline power tools I have are a power washer and a chain saw. So I used electric powered weed eaters and edgers for a long time like many people. Then I discovered a Black and Decker weed eater which used Ni-Cad batteries as part of an 18-volt system. Ultimately the batteries are the downfall of that system. The batteries are expensive, it is difficult to get the recharge process just right, and the power curve slopes downward during use. Very frustrating. No wonder people give up and use gasoline powered tools. This situation leaves a gigantic hole in the marketplace for competitors. Why not introduce a lithium-powered system that would solve the problems of the Ni-Cad technology? Well, price is an issue. Whereas a Ni-Cad battery might run $50, a comparable Lithium battery would cost $80-$100. Maybe you will agree with me that Lithium is worth the extra cost, since done right, all of the performance shortcomings of the Ni-Cad battery are solved.

Enter the Lithium WORX GT Trimmer/ Edger. A single charge handles the gardening for your average suburban homes.

The only problem I have had is that the automatic feed essentially does not work after a few uses. However, it is easy to manually feed the line.

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  1. chief says:

    There was a problem with the Lithium battery, but it has been fixed as of July of 2010. If you somehow received a defective battery, Worx will replace it free.

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