CMM-1200 – The most amazing lawnmower

I have been using the line of cordless battery-powered lawnmowers from Black and Decker for at least 15 years. The CMM-1200 is the latest in the line of these Canadian-made lawnmowers.

I use the CMM-1000 on a Southern lawn consisting of St. Augustine grass. During the growing season, I mow once per week. If I fall behind or anytime that the growth exceeds 3 inches, I cut using narrower rows than the width of the lawmower. Most gasoline-powered mowers are more powerful than the CMM-1000, but I have found that the CMM-1000 is adequate.

This is the really good news:

  • It is quiet, like an electric edger or weedeater; no way you are going to wake up the neighbors
  • It starts up reliably every time, no pulling cords, priming, and endless trouble with gasoline engines
  • no gasoline smell in the garage or storage house
  • no danger of gasoline explosion
  • batteries seem to last forever; replace once every ten years or so
  • one charge can last for three average size lots (each 100’x130′)


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