The Marvelous eBay

eBay merits top billing as an outlet for small business and individuals to make available new and used items in a marketplace on a grand scale. eBay makes shopping safe.
Go to eBay now

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The Pebble Watch

I have been using the Pebble Watch for about one month now. It is quite good. Very light. Magnetic charger.  You don’t have to reach into your pocket to see who is calling. That’s especially handy when you are in a meeting. You have the option to send the call to voicemail from your watch if the call isn’t urgent. I find that I miss fewer calls in noisy environments since I can easily feel my watch vibrate. You can see text messages easily. The Bluetooth connection works across my house so if I have the phone in another room and the ringer turned off I still can see that I am getting a call. It is very light and easy to see the time. It runs for about one week on a single charge. Take a look: Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

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Zipcar is an awesome service for anyone who either lives in a dense city like New York or who may plan on traveling there. Plan in advance though because you need to first be approved. They send you a “Zipcard” that unlocks the door to the car you reserve. For occasional driving they have a popular plan that is great for first-time users with no monthly commitment. Drive as much or as little as you like, and pay as you go low driving rates (from $9/hr and $83/day). If you live in the city you may have great public transport but need a car sometimes for shopping runs.

Here is a link that will get you started:
585649_Cars by the Hour or Day. Join Zipcar Now and Receive $25 in Free Driving!

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Amazon has been making all things affordable for years now. They are innovators not just in retailing but also in retail automation and computing.
Try Amazon!

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There are five mandatory stops for shopping:,,,, and Google Product Search. I would not skip Newegg. Many times they have the best deal. Their search and filter tools are the best and can save you lots of time. Check it out. By the way, Looking for some instant cash back? Check out Newegg’s Rebate Center.

Once You Know, You Newegg

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I highly recommend for shopping. In addition to the other great online shopping options, is a must stop.

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What About Iodine Deficiency?

Perhaps you have read about the dangers of various mineral deficiencies. Copper is important for strong blood vessels. Calcium is important for many body functions, not the least of which is to help prevent muscle cramps. Entering the radar recently is an understanding of the role of Iodine and Iodide in the body. I will have more to write about Iodine and Iodide later, but wanted to give you a source at Amazon to consider. Apparently Iodoral has gained mindshare. People are seeing benefits in correcting weight gain, hair loss, hypothroidism, and other conditions some of which are related to high levels of bromides in the food stream.

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Lithium WORX GT Trimmer/ Edger

I’ve never used a gas-powered edger or weed eater because I did not want to deal with gasoline. The only gasoline power tools I have are a power washer and a chain saw. So I used electric powered weed eaters and edgers for a long time like many people. Then I discovered a Black and Decker weed eater which used Ni-Cad batteries as part of an 18-volt system. Ultimately the batteries are the downfall of that system. The batteries are expensive, it is difficult to get the recharge process just right, and the power curve slopes downward during use. Very frustrating. No wonder people give up and use gasoline powered tools. This situation leaves a gigantic hole in the marketplace for competitors. Why not introduce a lithium-powered system that would solve the problems of the Ni-Cad technology? Well, price is an issue. Whereas a Ni-Cad battery might run $50, a comparable Lithium battery would cost $80-$100. Maybe you will agree with me that Lithium is worth the extra cost, since done right, all of the performance shortcomings of the Ni-Cad battery are solved.

Enter the Lithium WORX GT Trimmer/ Edger. A single charge handles the gardening for your average suburban homes.

The only problem I have had is that the automatic feed essentially does not work after a few uses. However, it is easy to manually feed the line.

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TiVo TCD746320 Premiere and Premier XL – a DVR that actually works

The TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR is the latest from the inventors of Digital Video Recording (DVR). Unlike DVRs from cable companies, the TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR actually works. I can’t emphasize that point enough. Believe me, DVRs from cable companies do not work. You will *never* get a new box from the cable company and the recycled box will have the same problem for you that the previous user had. You configure the DVR to record various programs and you are lucky if half of them get recorded. Not so with the TiVo.
The new TiVo is available in two models, the TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR ($300) and TiVo TCD748000 Premiere XL DVR ($500). The difference is mostly in recording times, but if you need THX, better get the XL. The basic model can record 45 hours of HD programming, the XL model 150 hours.

I’ve lifted some text from TiVo advertising and made some additions in order to list some features below. I have removed advertising hype.

Record two HD or SD shows at once while watching a third. Note: the third program would have to play back from already recorded programs. In order to take advantage of this feature, you will need to rent from your cable company a dual-channel “cable card” that plugs into your TiVo and decrypts programming. The TiVo does not do any decrypting.

Download movies and shows from Amazon Video On Demand and BLOCKBUSTER Video On Demand, or stream movie favorites on demand from Netflix Watch Instantly.

Connect TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR to the Internet through your home network and you have access to movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts and more. You can even search, browse, and schedule recordings anywhere, anytime using a PC or mobile device. Try doing that with your cable company DVR. Transfer recordings to your laptop, iPod, PSP, or other media player to take with you.

You can access your own digital music library, Rhapsody music service, watch music videos using Music Choice, or listen to the world’s largest Internet radio network – Live 365.

TiVo requires a service plan in order to provide guide services. They offer monthly, yearly, three-year and product lifetime plans, each offering incentives. The highest per-month cost is the monthly plan at $12.95 per month, but even that requires a one-year commitment. You can usually save money with TiVo over using a lame DVR from a cable company. The cable company in our area charges $9.99 per month for the DVR directory and control service and $7.25 per month for the DVR rental, a total of $17.24 per month. They charge $1.99 per month for a Multi-Stream CableCARD decoder. So even if you go with the monthly TiVo plan, your total monthly bill goes from $17.24 per month to $14.94 per month. More likely you will select the yearly plan at $129 ($10.75 per month) for a total of $12.74 per month. Thus your savings would be $4.50 per month on a recurring basis. Our cable company charges a mandatory $54 installation fee for the Multi-Stream CableCARD decoder, so that affects the analysis a bit but not the recurring savings. To sign up for a service plan, click on this link: Shop! You may be able to save 10% using Coupon Code “SAVE10”

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CMM-1200 – The most amazing lawnmower

I have been using the line of cordless battery-powered lawnmowers from Black and Decker for at least 15 years. The CMM-1200 is the latest in the line of these Canadian-made lawnmowers.

I use the CMM-1000 on a Southern lawn consisting of St. Augustine grass. During the growing season, I mow once per week. If I fall behind or anytime that the growth exceeds 3 inches, I cut using narrower rows than the width of the lawmower. Most gasoline-powered mowers are more powerful than the CMM-1000, but I have found that the CMM-1000 is adequate.

This is the really good news:

  • It is quiet, like an electric edger or weedeater; no way you are going to wake up the neighbors
  • It starts up reliably every time, no pulling cords, priming, and endless trouble with gasoline engines
  • no gasoline smell in the garage or storage house
  • no danger of gasoline explosion
  • batteries seem to last forever; replace once every ten years or so
  • one charge can last for three average size lots (each 100’x130′)


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